Candice and I have been together since 2003 and happily married since 2006! One rainy day in 2005, Candice and I were given a documentary about two gentlemen living in England (Ewan McGregor  & Charlie Boorman) that traveled around the world on their motorcycles. They traveled from England to Far Eastern Russia, then from Alaska to NY!! They documented their trip, the good, the bad, and the ugly. The documentary was called “Long Way Round.”

A light popped in our heads and we said, “Why shouldn’t we do this?! Surely this must be the adventure we have always been seeking!” So since then we have made plans on making this world excursion. As we were planning we found out that Ewan and Charlie were doing yet another trip, this time, from England, down to Cape Town, South Africa.  This documentary was called: “Long Way Down.”

As we labored over plans, we decided to do the trip by bicycle and our plans for the world trip began. So the only thing missing was our trip date. We finally sat down and said, “Enough is enough”, we are no longer spring chickens, we simply had to set a date and stick to it! So ‘set a date’ we did! September 29th is the day we set off on our world cycling trip! We will be video recording as much as we can and we will be blogging about our experiences on the road.