Central Argentina – The Land of Wind

Photo Blog of Central Argentina:

The Cordillera in Argentina.
The Cordillera in Argentina.
Notice the mountains in the background!
Notice the mountains in the background!
Mad Max Part 4 – Candice’s search for Gasoline!
Mad Max Part 4 – Candice’s search for Gasoline!
Not a great spot for a bridge!
Not a great spot for a bridge!
Great camping spot.
Great camping spot.


Entering Argentina via the Uspallata Pass.


The famed Aconcagua, South America’s highest peak which stands at 22,837 feet!! Unfortunately, the cloudy day made for poor visibility!


We had to pass a series of seven dark tunnels to get to the town of Uspallata.

IMGP3624 - Version 2

Exploring Mendoza

Exploring the driest province in Argentina: Mendoza! Mendoza is perhaps best known for its vineyards.

wind sign

Although some have indicated that this sign looks more like a finger painting gone wrong. It may also be an indicator that there are strong winds in this section, no lie!

wind screen

Anything to get out of the wind, anything!!

IMGP5083 - Version 2

A lone horse traveling home for the holidays!!

Candice has some odd dietary habits!! But eating dust aside, dirt roads are difficult to ride on: rocks, corrugated road, winds hills and more!

Having fun with Kico!

Having fun with Kico in Bardas Blancas. We met him at the edge of town. I asked him if there were any places to stay and he told us that there were places but they were fairly expensive. He said we could stay with him, an offer we are glad we didn’t turn down!

Kico showing us cement fossils. Many of these fossils are found in this area- Bardas Blancas, Argentina.

Bardas Blancas, and the capital city Neuquen, is known for its dinosaur fossils! Kico was all too happy to show us some of his models!!

Rio Grande, Argentina

Just South of Bardas Blancas, is the Rio Grande river. Erek defies death, not by sitting at the edge of a crickety bridge, over the raging rapids below, but by Candice’s hands!


In the drier regions it is inevitable that we would run into these guys! We saw two scorpions while camping, when setting up our tent and the next morning while putting our tent away. This guy, Rumple, was too close for comfort!! They blend very well with the sand! They like to burrow under the tent, so having a sleeping mat and a sheep wool rug, was some piece of mind while sleeping!


Our buddy fang paid us a visit on the side of the road!! We saw so many of these tarantulas that we were dodging them as we cycled!!

A lamb showing off in the countryside!

IMGP4073 - Version 2

Duendes, mythological creatures, can often be found here in Argentina!!


Even a dog gets a warm piece of the sidewalk!!

IMGP3925 - Version 2

Candice scratches her maternal claws!!

Erek's Car

Argentina is full of older styled vehicles that are in pretty good shape. I love the smaller cars!!

Friendly Resident of Las Lajas, Argentina!

A super friendly resident in the town of Las Lajas!

Cool Bird - Las Lajas, Argentina

One of the many beautiful bird species here in Argentina!

Argentina - Just Before Uspallata

Electric road on the Uspallata Pass!

IMGP5018 - Version 2

More winding road!!

IMGP4917 - Version 2

The mountains here are just gigantic, leaving their onlookers feeling quite vulnerable and insignificant in size!

IMGP4870 - Version 2

Miles and miles and miles and days and days and days of cycling winding roads!

IMGP3742 - Version 2

Incredible mountain scenery all along our route!

With Lucho in Chos Malal

In Chos Malal with Lucho, who is from Argentina.

Large Marge

At the top of the Pass of Pino Hachado, we decided to say hello to my grandmother in Virginia Beach, Virginia!!

Up here are some drastic mountain slopes. I imagine that this entire pass would be closed during the winter!!

Pass of Pino Hachado - Argentina

Despite snow being in the background here, it is actually pretty hot!! Around this bend is the border of Chile and Argentina (Pass of Pino Hachado)

Pass of Pino Hachado, Argentina

IMGP6342 - Version 2

Chile, the land of green and snow-capped volcanos beckons us!!

The Argentine provinces of Mendoza and Neuquen were absolutely amazing but difficult to cycle in due to the wind and large distances between towns! Our favorite features of this country are its inhabitants and its rugged mountain setting along the Andean mountain range! An amazing country that would take lifetimes to fully explore!!


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