Bolivia has been, for us, the toughest but most memorable country we have cycled through to date! The route we chose, as seen above, was the South western portion of the country. This part of Bolivia is closest to the Andean mountain range and was not paved; in fact, our road was sand, rock, mud, and water filled!  We needed a compass to find our way to our destinations as there were hundreds of car tracks leading in every direction!

The weather was warm during the day and cold at night, so cold that our two liter water bottles froze in our tents at night. 90% of the towns along this route were completely abandoned due (to many different opinions), quite possibly, climate change, which left us with very little food supplies to travel with, making the journey that much more difficult!

But the saying, “The struggle is the glory,” rings true. Trekking in Bolivia is like taking a time travel machine back in time, this is what the world would look like untouched by humans! We saw Llamas, Alpacas, Foxes, Sheep, and even Mountain Lions! Finding a spot to camp was easy: setup the tent were the ground is flat and sleep soundly, only to wake up the next morning finding well decorated Llamas and Alpacas passing by your camp-site!

There is a price to pay by being in this type of terrain. If you don’t mind small but consistent uncomforts (altitude, terrain, cold, heat, little to eat), this place just may be for you too!

The people here are very friendly but also very reserved: in the larger cities and also in the countryside; However, they all open up with humor and a pat on the back!