Northern Chile

Entering Chile, or any new country for that matter, was very exciting; leaving us with many questions from our experiences with previous countries already visited. What will it look like, are the people as friendly as the country we are currently leaving? As we cross each country’s border, we always envisage the people having long torsos and very large oval … Read More

At Death’s Door!

Bolivia has been the most difficult country for us by far. It is absolutely beautiful but the route we chose to take was extremely remote and had terrain and weather that would challenge each of us to the core.   The roads conditions were the beginning of our problems, the roads would sometimes have nice compact dirt, then five feet … Read More

Cycling Colombia Part 6

Our ride to Curumani was our first time experiencing mountains! We entered hotel Portal del Camino and put our things into our room. I spoke with the guy there and we went over our route. The owner knew the whole route and named every city we would be going into for the next 1,900 miles! He warned us of one … Read More

Cycling Colombia Part 5 – Attack of the Killer Roach

Leaving the coastal area of Colombia, we were now about to travel through the middle of the country. This is the part of the country that we had been talking about since Panama…., mountains! But before we would get to the mountains, we had some arid, dry, and very hot  terrain to cover! We stayed in the town of Palermo … Read More