Transition from South America to Africa

The celebration of cycling the length South America, was fantastic, but it quickly subsided and gave way to many sleepless nights which had us thinking about Africa, our next destination! A place we have always longed to go, Africa, was and continues to edge its way into our news sources for good and bad, and yet it remains one of … Read More

Chilean Patagonia!

Entering the Southern part of Chile was a great feeling. As soon as we climbed the Argentine Pass of Pino Hachado, we immediately saw the green landscape littered with snow topped volcanoes! Argentina is beautiful in its own right, the barren earth toned landscape really contrasts with the magnificent colors of the blue sky and any bodies of water that … Read More

Central Argentina – The Land of Wind

Photo Blog of Central Argentina: Entering Argentina via the Uspallata Pass. The famed Aconcagua, South America’s highest peak which stands at 22,837 feet!! Unfortunately, the cloudy day made for poor visibility! We had to pass a series of seven dark tunnels to get to the town of Uspallata. Exploring the driest province in Argentina: Mendoza! Mendoza is perhaps best known … Read More

Bolivia …. a Land of the Past!

A Shaky Start Crossing the border from Peru was interesting, the border guards seemed a bit dodgy, and had a facial expression that read: “Oh, another gringo coming to our country?!” We sensed that they didn’t like us very much. Which made for an interesting start. In order to enter the country we had to pay $135 dollars each, (a … Read More