At Death’s Door!

Bolivia has been the most difficult country for us by far. It is absolutely beautiful but the route we chose to take was extremely remote and had terrain and weather that would challenge each of us to the core.   The roads conditions were the beginning of our problems, the roads would sometimes have nice compact dirt, then five feet … Read More

Appalachian Trail Hike – Section 1

A new mode of traveling! Although we still have our bicycles and plan on using them in the future, on this journey, we traded in our bikes for hiking shoes and a backpack! We now tried our hands, or feet, at hiking!! Our plans are now to section hike the Appalachian trail. We rented a car from Tallahassee, FL, and … Read More

Banned from South Africa!

South Africa, Customs Summary: As we approached South Africa’s border post (Onverwacht), we reminisced with a deep sadness about all the wonderful people we have met and the places we have seen. Our feelings of melancholy quickly faded when we found that we had overstayed our visa by 62 days, resulting us being banned from the country of South Africa … Read More

South Africa’s Finest

An unforgettable time with A.J. Robb on Thornkloof Farm: One of the best moments of our journey was an unexpected one.¬† Attempting to cycle from East London, to the town of Stutterheim, we ended up getting caught just short due to the rolling hills and heavy winds.¬† After being turned down three times for camping, we pulled up next to … Read More

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town was an interesting start for our African expedition. Immediately, we noticed a ¬†difference in culture from that of South America. Shortly after our arrival, I met a muslim father named Nazim (with Middle Eastern features, but with an English accent!), who is married to an Indian woman, but has a white son! He laughs when he gets odd … Read More