Appalachian Trail Hike – Section 1

A new mode of traveling! Although we still have our bicycles and plan on using them in the future, on this journey, we traded in our bikes for hiking shoes and a backpack! We now tried our hands, or feet, at hiking!!

Our plans are now to section hike the Appalachian trail. We rented a car from Tallahassee, FL, and drove to Cumming, GA. The Hiker Hostel in Dahlonega, picked us both up at the car dealership in Cumming and took us to their hostel and the next morning, they took us to Springer Mountain, the southern terminus of the Appalachian trail. It is nice to know that we had options, and you do too!!

The trip was amazing and we have found a new and fun way of traveling! Our first section hike started from Springer Mountain and ended at Neel’s Gap in Georgia. This was just a short 31 mile hike that took four days. We went through two snow storms and some windy days. This was atypical for this area during March 10-15th (2017).

Here are a few photos we took:

20170310-_PIG4570-1-1 20170310-_PIG4571-1-2 20170310-_PIG4572-1-3 20170310-_PIG4574-1-4 20170310-_PIG4576-1-5 20170310-_PIG4578-1-6 20170310-_PIG4597-1-7 20170310-_PIG4613-1-8 20170310-_PIG4619-1-9 20170310-_PIG4624-1-10 20170310-_PIG4643-1-11 20170311-_PIG4651-1-12 20170311-_PIG4653-1-13 20170311-_PIG4658-1-14 20170311-_PIG4662-1-15 20170311-_PIG4671-1-16 20170311-_PIG4682-1-17 20170311-_PIG4685-1-18 20170311-_PIG4713-1-19 20170311-_PIG4731-1-20 20170311-_PIG4734-1-21 20170312-_PIG4737-1-22 20170312-_PIG4769-1-23 20170312-_PIG4772-1-24 20170312-_PIG4777-2-25 20170312-_PIG4779-2-26 20170313-_PIG4805-1-27 20170313-_PIG4811-1-28 20170313-_PIG4814-1-29 20170313-_PIG4817-1-30 20170313-_PIG4818-1-31 20170313-_PIG4829-1-32 20170313-_PIG4831-1-33 20170313-_PIG4840-1-34 20170313-_PIG4841-1-35 20170313-_PIG4843-1-36 20170313-_PIG4848-1-37 20170313-_PIG4854-1-38 20170313-_PIG4858-1-39 20170313-_PIG4873-1-40 20170313-_PIG4874-1-41 20170313-_PIG4875-1-42 20170313-_PIG4876-1-43 20170313-_PIG4878-1-44 20170313-_PIG4885-1-45 20170313-_PIG4889-1-46 20170313-_PIG4891-1-47




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